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Mycua: References for World of Cheakir

Ancient Times

Political system of Arbites - judges, peacekeepers, scholars, warriors - usually one per village, but occasionally a couple becomes revered as Arbites together. Their children are put through trials of wisdom alongside others who are championed by the villagers, so it is not a direct ascension.

Middle Ages
Not as complex leather-workers as the Ippetaag, Mycuans nevertheless utilized furs where they could to keep warm. Because they lived in the lowlands of the mountains, instead of the further north on the map, they were able to use the excesses of their animals for fashion.

Recent Modern

Layers stopped being a fashion statement and started becoming necessary in order to take their pastoral animals further north into the mountains.

While the Dlo‚ÄĘgam and Tsat were developing alloys with volcanic minerals and obsidian, the Mycua were still able to manipulate raw deposits like iron. That meant simple objects like plates and swords for now.

Henna-style tattooed body art is a very, very recent development and is largely symbolic. It's the mark of someone dedicated to studying the magical texts, since so far the Mycuans have only been able to reproduce the symbols they found.

Societal Developments:
- A version of the game of Hurling (note: not curling) played with cut wheat stalks, and not on horseback like Polocrosse - although kids continue to try it.
- Alpaca-camelid mounts (the same "horses" that start getting traded elsewhere)

Trade name: Mummers