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Literal musing

RPers, lend me your ears!

I intend to write a book (or more) about our secret world of journal-based gaming and I'm trying to narrow my focus. Eventually, come January or February, I'll start asking for submissions as I know it'll be a collaborative work, but I'm looking for some input so here are my initial ideas!

* History: How we transitioned from AIM chatrooms to LJ & facebook to DW & plurk
* Sociology: How we all get along (moderators & players) + how we represent ourselves and our characters
* Business: Moderator skills that are useful in the office environment (management)
* Literature: Creating our own sandbox, or a unique spin on an old idea, and player-plotting / collaborative writing
* Gender & Sexuality Studies: Straightforward (har) what we've researched, explored, and learned about ourselves and the world through RP
* Other: Open to suggestions!

So basically, if you were going to be assigned a book to read for class, what would you actually enjoy reading? Bonus question: which could you see yourself contributing a 5-25 page article to, for a nominal fee?

PLEASE DO SHARE THIS AROUND! I'm only screening anonymous comments, because I want to be able to hold serious conversations with people.
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[personal profile] r2chi_too 2012-11-20 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know if any of this will be of interest to anyone outside the community (unless we can apply some of our conclusions to human interaction in general, obvs), but I've always been interested in/threatening to write articles on a lot of the sociology and literature aspects of RP culture. Specifically, I wrote an article on anon meme culture a couple of years ago for a class that I would totally update/revise for publishing, and I've been threatening to write something about the dynamics of games for the longest time - how they work, what plot/rules ideas do and don't seem to work, and why they die.
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[personal profile] dellearte 2012-11-20 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Honestly I'd be happy reading about any of this-history's always been fascinating to me, but getting others' takes on any of the subjects would be a joy. As for writing, I could see myself writing either on how LJ gradually alienated its users or something on gender and sexuality.