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RP, Hobbies, etc.

Contact:[ profile] frudence (Regular RP), AIM: frudence, discord: frudence#7874
[ profile] fruitykind (NSFW RP)
OOC Communication:PLEASE just talk to me if you think I misunderstood something or want to plot something out. I really would rather we talk it out and I promise not to be offended if that something includes "I'm really not feeling this thread and I'd like to drop it." Honestly, I'd rather know. I play antagonists and I love combat prose, both of which require open communication to get the CR right. I don't want to play unbeatable characters; if you think your character can best mine because of XYZ from a canon I don't know well, then by all means talk it out with me.
Currently plays at:
Riku Replica[personal profile] boundbynaughtKingdom Hearts[community profile] empatheias
Sha Gojyo[personal profile] inthecenterfoldSaiyuki[community profile] empatheias
Schuldig[personal profile] volksdaemonWeiß Kreuz / Weiss Kreuz[community profile] thefarshore
Dokugakuji (Sha Jien)[personal profile] royaltyloyaltySaiyuki[community profile] thefarshore
Kairi[personal profile] pure_radianticsKingdom Hearts[community profile] thefarshore
Yoon[personal profile] handsome_geniusAkatsuki no Yona[community profile] thefarshore
Steward (Mod)[community profile] cityofariel
Riku Replica[personal profile] boundbynaughtKingdom Hearts[community profile] cityofariel
Hazuki Nagisa[personal profile] cutelilshitFree![community profile] cityofariel
Jason Grace[personal profile] roman_handsPercy Jackson / Camp Half-Blood Chronicles[community profile] cityofariel
Leonardo[personal profile] belikethewindTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)[community profile] cityofariel
Memes/PSLs/AUs:It's just not my thing. It's not you, it's me. I grew up playing D&D (since I was about 14) so something about structured games is what resonates with me. The only reason I stepped up to keep the [community profile] cityofariel sandbox organized was because I had friends still invested in the CR there even when the game was going to close.
Former Games:Rivelata, Onorata, Edensphere, Vatheon, Saudade, Adstringéndum, and City of Ariel (now a Sandbox).

For a hot second: Guys & Dolls, Damned, Amatomnes, Proxima Beta, Queen of Hearts, Dirty Vegas, Mask or Menace, Somarium, Destiny Strings, Asgard, and Exsilium
Fandoms: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors, Saiyuki, Weiss Kreuz, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam Wing, Kyou Kara Maou, Ouran High School Host Club, Sailor Moon, Utena, One Piece, Avatar TLA/LOK, NCIS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kingdom Hearts, Persona (mainly P4), Dungeons & Dragons (Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, and Eberron), My Little Pony, Voltron (new series), Code Geass, Percy Jackson and the rest of Riordan's stuff, Harry Potter, D. Gray-man, Earthian, Tolkien, Chronicles of Narnia, and DISNEY all of it.
Prose/Action:I vastly prefer Prose over Action tags, but I'll write Action if someone else starts the thread that way.
Fave Music:Rock, Rap, Alt. Pop-Rock, that sort of thing. Any language. I think I'm up to 20+ languages, most of which I don't speak. But I love getting ahold of new music since I have a pretty sophisticated system of Smart Playlists that feed into a "Radio" playlist in iTunes that rotates through my 3,465 songs by star rating and how recently I heard it and whether it's uptempo / midtempo / downtempo, that sort of thing.

Plus I like anything you can do a dance routine to. I used to be in Color Guard, so it's still fun to club dance and ballroom dance to things.
Arts/Crafting:I do that! Usually crochet, but occasionally macrame and magazine collage work. Some of it's on [ profile] waefaerie

I also love making icons and banners and HTML layouts. I haven't gotten to do large icon batches lately, but [community profile] fruing_icons has some of my older stuff.


Name:Frudence aka "Fru" - this is actually an IRL nickname. When I was a weeaboo in 7th grade (1999), my friends and I decided to "convert our names to Japanese." My real name Jennifer became Jinnifuru - which isn't even a good approximation, I later found out in my College Japanese classes. It should have been Jyenifaa, but back in 7th grade we were all stoked to figure this out, and the "Furu" part became "Fru".

A college roommate took this one step further and, upon hearing that I was put through beauty pageants and other Miss Manners type training as a kid, jokingly called me Prudence and started singing "Dear Prudence" after he learned I wasn't a huge fan of the Beatles. Prudence thus became Frudence. I stuck with Fru and Frudence due to its uniqueness over Jennifer.
Day Job:Quality Analysis Test Engineer. I run around on a website all day and find bugs in our proprietary web applications to document so that the Developers can fix them. I also keep a mental running tally of all of the Acceptance Criteria, which I just recently documented in a word document. It's 988 pages long. So yes, I'm a stickler for details. We use JIRA for tracking all of these fixes and I share responsibility for making sure we have a document issue (card) for each fix that needs done.

That's all manual testing. There's also automated testing, which is programming I do in HTML and Ruby. My coworker and I are writing an entire testing suite to cover a good chunk of that 988 pages. We'll be at it awhile.
Other Work:I'm occasionally writing poetry, short stories, D&D adventures (3.5 through Fellowship of the White Star and 5th editions), and working on a novel through TEGG - The Ed Greenwood Group. I also beta-read for the same.
Degree:Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on Folklore and East Asian studies. AKA I had been hoping to do a lot more with writing fictional worlds when I got out of college, like worldbuilding at Blizzard or something. Couldn't afford it, so I fell back on "The Family Business" as we call it -- Information Technology.
"The Family Business":My whole family is IT or a bent of engineering. Anyway, when I was 10 I got bored and my dad handed me The 10 Minute Guide to HTML (original edition). I coded everything in Microsoft Word, saved it as plaintext HTML, and opened it in Netscape Navigator to see if it was correct. I had a functional but epically 90s website by the end of the summer.

The most infamous story is that it took my mother and I two weeks to figure out why my background images and colors weren't showing up. It turned out to be because I spelled it "backround" - without the g. I thus learned that close wasn't good enough in programming and started on my way to becoming a QA.
Lives In:Columbus, Ohio. Been here most of my life (since 1.5 years old). Recently bought a house, 1 year ago as of September 2016, so I'm still figuring some of that stuff out.

I live very near my parents and 3 younger siblings (sis, bro, sis), 1 sister-in-law, 1 niece, 4 aunts & uncles, and cousin's family of 4. They're my "family"; if I talk about my "extended family" or "Dad's family" that's his cousins and aunts and uncles and my 3rd and 4th cousins. We see them at least twice a year and over 75 people usually show up for the Christmas party. I also travel to Knoxville, TN to visit my mom's parents often.
Cat Mom:Before Lorelei, I've had several family cats, but most notably growing up I had a girl name Tammiey who my Uncle accidentally let out and was sadly killed by a car. After that, we gradually adopted my three boys Noboru, and the brothers Jellice and Mr. Mistoffelees. They all got to live long lives even though they were all 3 strays, but have sadly passed. Noboru was 16 when he died this last spring 2016.

Lorelei is my 8 year old female mackerel tabby. She's named for the legend of Die Loreley along the Rhine river in Germany.

I recently adopted 2 sisters who had lost their mother. Morgen (blue collar) and Morcades (purple collar) are named for Morgan Le Fey and her sister Morgawse, but the pre-French version of the Arthurian legend names.