Aug. 27th, 2008

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I've said it before so it's not that big a reveal but... I attend The Ohio State University. What it gives me that I never got to experience in High School (because it "wasn't cool" and none of my friends liked it either) is School Spirit. There's the iconographic buckeye and Brutus Buckeye, the block O, the Horshoe-shaped football stadium, etc.

Well at any rate, while all of that's pretty cool, probably the best known thing is a cheer normally used at football games that extended to an expression for the whole university, for alums all around the world, and sometimes random strangers passing in the street. Someone calls out "O-H!" and you are obligated by tradition to call back "I-O!" It's a lot of fun when not abused by drunkards at 3am.

This commercial tells it all much better, but the best reason to watch *this* commercial?
I'm in it!!!!!

About 20 seconds in (it's a 30 second commercial), there's a line: "A proud union that makes the world a better place... through research and service." Somewhere around "research and" is when an image pops up with a bunch of people doing what looks like gardening. That was when I went with my sister down to Alabama to help with Hurricane Katrina relief (we were rebuilding a park). My sister is in the purple shirt below the "H"-girl, holding a trowel. I'm two people to the right of her, between the "I"-girl and "O"-guy, in a white shirt, jeans, and my dad's Army cap.

Our photo was chosen from among "a collection of more than 1,600 O-H-I-O snapshots taken around the world."

2 seconds of fame. I'll take it. ♥

"Photos from the site were used to create Ohio State's fall TV spot, the 30-second commercial that will air during football games. See a slideshow of the photos used in the spot." <-- We are #33 in the slideshow. :D

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