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Title: Reservations
Author/Artist: [ profile] rizumu_sakusha
Pairing(s): ? (Hints of 53)
Rating: T
Words: 7,803
Notes: Saucy comments fly and spice things up as one misunderstanding leads to another over the simple matter of dinner. [Pre Journey, Smoke Signals, Mild Language]
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Call me crazy, but I have some goals established now.

Nov 2007 - Silent Songs and Other Whispered Words
This book will get published sometime this week, which I'm excited about. After I purchase a copy of the book for final approval, Lulu will begin distribution. I already have some contacts with the local Barnes & Noble, SBX, etc. for potential book signings etc.
Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
Feb (?) 2008 - Uncivilized
The first of a series, this will be my first published novel set in the world of Fellowship of the White Star. A preview of it is in Silent Songs and a short-story (long preview) version will be available on the FWS website soon.
Sep (?) 2008 - The Midwestern Man (tentative title)
An Ethnography in the form of a Life History, this will be a scholarly work that follows the life of my father as he grows up, lives, and raises a family in the Midwest. I expect contributions from our family, his friends, and co-workers to showcase all of the main aspects of living in the Midwestern United States: agriculture, Lutheran church, military, gaming, working in the computer industry, family life, entrepreneurial attempts, and watching football. (Go Bucks!)
Dec 2008 - The Name of The Game (tentative title)
After long hours of laborious research, I will get to publish my Senior Honors Research Thesis as a book. Currently, it is a study of the hierarchical structure of the subcultures of gamers (may change to "geeks"/"nerds") through names (will change to overall treatment).

Yep, I'm crazy.
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No, I still don't have my computer back yet, but I managed to scrounge something else together completely unrelated to anything else I've been working on thus far. But hey, better than nothing, right?

Check it out here:
~Shin-no-Nekochan >o+ >|
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A few of us within the 53 community have decided to make a new community, since Love_or_Death was deleted. We're still working out the details, but we hope to make the new one better than ever.

EDIT: The new comm is
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I work at my college's library, processing new books that come in and distributing them based on language. I get the usual: odd-shaped artsy-fartsy books with gratuitous nudity, over-my-head atomic physics and mathematics books, and ones that make me sit there for 15 mins trying to figure out just what language it's written in.

Occasionally, tho, I come across some entertaining books. For example:

New Literacies )

LOL! This book discusses things like getting a beta, kinds of fanfiction (AUs, slash, canon, etc.), as well as stuff like the Mary Sue Syndrome! I seriously about fell out of my chair when I read that. I mean, I took a *class* about the art / psychology / philosophy behind anime & manga, so I *know* there's literature out there about it... but FANFICTION??? "Or 'fanfic' to its aficionados" -- that's a direct quote! XDDDD Okay, back to work...
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I don't know why it didn't work before, but now it does.

Tricks of the Trade: link

Yet another guilty trip into the world of plot-hole-filling. The only reason I'm even writing this *now* and not *later* is because I want to have a full complement of 'backstory' before I start writing Wishful Thinking, the official start of the '53' in my so-called 53 thread Smoke Signals. To be technical, it's the start of 58-denial AND 53-longing. ^^;; It'll make more sense when I start posting it. I feel like I've been avoiding true '53' all this time, posting stories for this thread, yet having only hints at 53 the whole time. Oh well, I just want my rendition of events to be unique. ^_^
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The results )

Feedback: My "cocktail" is just right. I took the "which uke?" quiz and got a seme/uke shifter. I took the "which seme?" quiz and got an uke-appearing seme. I took the "how boyish/girly" quiz and got 50/50. I took the "how girly/boyish is your brain?" and got 60/40.

WOW Quizzes can be so right for all the wrong reasons... That's simply amazing.
frudence: (ambitious) <-- Guess what that is? It's my DA account where I'm posting all of my craptastic art from years past and maybe, just maybe, some new art if I ever get around to finishing any of my sketches. If you have an account, PLEASE message me so I can .watch you! :-)
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I gave in and made my own Johari Window. Please fill it out! ^_^

And for me to keep track of:

081 - Away

Feb. 10th, 2006 03:56 pm
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I'm off to OU to see Kat and dance at a Casa for the weekend! ^_^;; Yeah, I should be doing homework...
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Well I have a few hours of work ahead of me yet but guess what? I'm on super-drive hyper-high because I just made 2 new userpics and Omi here is the latest one! Tomorrow you'll see my other one, Chihaya & Kagetsuya ~_^

Icon: Omi because I'm in late-night uber-nerd caffeine-fumes mode right now!
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Yahoo! Avatars

I think it's cute! =^^= I even updated it just today.
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The names are pronounced "sigh-eh" and "uh-lah-wehn". Those are the two names that I decided on as middle names for Shin and Sayoko Mouri from RW / YST. They are what kept me up last night. I lay in bed, desperately trying to fall asleep because I knew I had my Japanese exam today, listening to my "go to sleep" music on iTunes, but my thoughts kept going back to the situation surrounding my favorite character Cye / Shin. [[Yes, I am a nerd. I am obsessed. I admit it. There, I said it.]]

I realized that, actually, his character is just as complex as Kento / Shuu's for the simple fact that almost everyone agrees on Cye / Shin having an accent of some European origin, but everyone disagrees on where and how he got it. In Japanese, I believe that Shin was given a British accent, but that's unconfirmed, and the cannon information on his character does not explain how he got this accent. Then, when they went to English, they gave him an Irish accent, which makes sense to me because he's a redhead. I'd decided a little while ago that I would make his middle name "Cye" and have him use that name when around his non-Japanese relatives, but I then began to wonder if "Cye" was even Irish. I think this was when I became fully conscious and unable to fall asleep.

So, I got up and started searching the internet for the meaning of the name "Cye". Turns out it is actually a girl's name in Australia. ^^;; Whatever, so I thought, what if it was just a shortened version of his Irish middle name? I found a couple of names I liked: Cian, Cyrnan, Saidhe, and Syagris. The last two came about because of the fact that the alternate spelling for "Cye" is "Sai", but that version *really* irks me for some reason; maybe I just think Cye looks cooler. ^^;; Anyway, I also decided to start looking for a middle name for Shin's older sister, name Sayoko. I was looking at names such as Aedin and Elan, but eventually settled on Ulawen since "Ula" meant "sea-jewel" and "wen" basically means "maiden". Since I figured I wouldn't find a name for Cye / Shin that I could actually get a meaning for, I decided that his mother would name him after a "Sea Prince" from one of her childhood stories (that her dad told her as a bedtime story?).

Yet again I attempted to go to sleep, but failed, because I had come upon another realization: Irish / Gaelic / Celtic pronunciation is *very* different from English, so what if the name I'd chosen actually was pronounced *nothing* like the "sigh" sound that was to become Cye / Shin's nickname? So, I had to get out of bed again and research not a name this time, but what combination of letters would create the "sigh" sound. After much searching, I'd almost given up, when I accidentally came upon a group of four letters that ends up sounding like "eye" in English, "-eidh". I was absolutely ecstatic, because all I had to do was slap an 's' in front of it and it instantly became "Seidh", prounced like the English "sigh". I then noticed that it looked a lot like the one name I'd seen earlier, "Saidhe". So, Cye / Shin's name became "Seidhe" and "Seidh" for short with "Ula" being short for "Ulawen". ^-^

As I fell asleep I thought up a scenario for him to get from "Seidh" to "Cye", though I was glad it didn't keep me up:
-Shin's family (Mother, older sister, & himself) moves to Ireland after his dad dies b/c his mom is pretty much an emotional wreck & she can't take care of Shin & Sayoko all that well
-On a side note, this doesn't put them in good standing with the Mouri family in Japan, as Shin's dad was the head of the family and running their business, which now falls on the aging Mouri grandparents
-They move in with her older brother, who inherited his mother's parents' house (mansion) and is more than willing to help her through this difficult time
-So, Sayoko and Shin have to attend public school (can't afford the private Japanese school they have in Ireland) and want to at least have given names that the kids can pronounce, so start going by their middle names (Ulawen & Seidhe, respectively)
-Naturally, some kids tease them for it, but Sayoko is tougher than Shin and he takes it a little harder than she does
-During his 7th grade year (13 years old--moved there at the age of 8 or so, I think), they get a new English teacher from Britain, who takes a liking to Shin (meaning Shin becomes the teacher's pet) and helps Shin build up his confidence when dealing with the other students as well as realize how much he likes speaking in English
-This same teacher asks the class as one of their first projects to come up with an English name to use in class, but it had to have come from the pronunciation of their Irish names. This is where "Seidh" becomes "Cye".
-In talking with this teacher (I think I'm going to call him William Butler, but I'll have to check his name, too ^^), Shin eventually comes to the conclusion that he should take up his responsibility of being a member of the Mouri family in Japan and that they should move back to Japan. It takes some convincing for his mother, but she eventually agrees.
-They move back and reforge their bonds with the Mouri family, helping with the business and caring for the Hagi Sea, just in time for Shin to go through the "ceremony" of diving into the sea at 15 years old (when he gets his armor orb), which his mother suspected when Shin suddenly became adamnet about moving back to Japan
-On a side note, I had a thought about when Shin moved into an apartment in Tokyo right after they got finished with school in the middle of March '88: maybe he moves into a building across the street from the Shuu family restaurant in Yokohama? I have to check the geography on this one. Anyway, Kento would come up to him and say something like, "Alone again? That's the third time you've come in this week and you're never with anyone." Something like that.

ALL OF THIS came to me before I could finally go to sleep at 3AM. Needless to say, I woke up to my 7:30 alarm and went right back to sleep, not waking up again until 8:45AM. Great, my exam is at 9:30. So, I just got dressed and got breakfast before heading out to my exam, since I knew I wouldn't be able to take a shower in time. I eat my cinnamon-sugar-pastry-thing on the way over and my croissant w/ sausage & cheese when I got there. My milk was warm and my banana was sticky, so I didn't drink / eat those, but I did manage to scarf my yogurt before our exam started.

Guess how long it took me? 15 minutes. Then another 5 minutes for Kuwai-sensee (the head instructor) to say 5 sentences twice over that told you which U.S. states you were supposed to write down in katakana. That was my Japanese exam. I was going to head back to my dorm room, but I realized that OSU was going to be clearing out my CSE account, so I went over there to transfer all of my files by e-mail. I also replied to some of my LJ comments then sent my mom an e-mail about picking me up later today.

I was going to take a shower when I got back here, but I got absorbed in this post as well as doing some internet research on the Irish school system, which sounds a lot closer to the US school system than the Japanese one. ^^;; Then, a bunch of girls raced for the showers, so I had to wait anyway. Now, I'm going to head out to Market Place with Kevin (who had been asking me what he should wear to Axis tomorrow night). :D The good news is that he's not as sick as I thought he was.

Sakusha-kitty gets this post because of my Shin obsession, plus the fairly weird dream I had last night, which I will put in later. Food now.

Music Additions: Wanna Talk - Bi / Rain, Oh! - Shinhwa, Fires at Midnight - Blackmore's Night [[Again]], Alone, What About Love, Don't Leave Me Like This, In The Mornin' - Heart, Fires at Midnight - Blackmore's Night [[Yes, *Again*]], WILD RUSH - T.M.Revolution, Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar, Bitch - Meredith Brooks, and Her Strut - Bob Seger
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I am SO proud of myself because I FINALLY figured out what Kongo no Shuu / Kento of Hardrock's real, full name is in Chinese and its Japanese equivalent! Chinese: Xiu Lei Han [[Family: Xiu, Given: Lei Han]] and Japanese Equivalent: Shuu Rei Fan (as written out in katakana) [[Familiy: Shuu, Given: Rei Fan]]. YATTA!!!!

So, dubbers are stupid: they call him Kento Lei Fan, I believe, when it's pretty evident that him (in Japanese) introducing himself as "Shuu Rei Fan" should tell people that "Shuu" is obviously not his given name. Then, in the credits, under "Japanese Cast" right after "Shin Mouri" reads "Reiou Shu". So I'm asking myself, "They figured out that his family name is Shuu, but they romanized his name wrong??? Couldn't they just listen to him introduce himself and be like, 'Oh, "Reiou" is obviously not a good translation.' "

However, I'm still trying to puzzle out why he goes by "Shuu" instead of "Rei Fan". I developed a little scenario that I'm going to use in my fanfic:
--He's used to being called "Lei Han" with Chinese pronunciation, but in class all the kids called him "Rei Fuan" (native pronunciation) and he wouldn't respond, plus his name was extremely complex to read/write.
--Thus, he began to get called "Shuu", since that's not uncommon, just a bit more formal.
--Along these same lines, he became a teacher's pet early on because he could write beautifully (he had to learn how to write Chinese characters, so naturally he can write simple hiragana & katakana characters).
--Then, one day in class, he zoned out and got called on by the teacher to read some characters on the board. Not intentionally, he gave the Chinese equivalent. As a result, the kids started calling him by that word, plus the characters were very easy to write. Guess what the word was? "Kentou" (in Japanese) meaning "assumption" or "speculation".
--It was around that time that he started having trouble in school, because he kept mixing up the Chinese and Japanese pronunciations for the kanji characters.

In the process of looking for my documented proof, I found out why everyone thinks his name is "Rei Fuan" instead of "Rei Fan". If you write out his name in hiragana, you have to use "Fu / Hu + A" to get the "Fa" sound, when in katakana you can just write it out as "Fu / Hu" with a subscript "A".

This was a big thing for me because, of all the characters in the series, Kento / Shuu is the only character where *everyone* has always disagreed on the spelling of his name. No one denies that Ryou's last name is "Sanada" or Seiji's is "Date", etc. However, because Kento is of Chinese descent, his name has caused a big commotion. AND I FIGURED IT OUT! HA! :D Plus, if anyone questions me, I can give a full explanation as to why I'm right. ^-^

Music Additions: "See Ya" - Atomic Kitten and "Learn To Do It" from the Anastasia Soundtrack

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