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Fru ([personal profile] frudence) wrote2012-11-19 09:39 pm

Literal musing

RPers, lend me your ears!

I intend to write a book (or more) about our secret world of journal-based gaming and I'm trying to narrow my focus. Eventually, come January or February, I'll start asking for submissions as I know it'll be a collaborative work, but I'm looking for some input so here are my initial ideas!

* History: How we transitioned from AIM chatrooms to LJ & facebook to DW & plurk
* Sociology: How we all get along (moderators & players) + how we represent ourselves and our characters
* Business: Moderator skills that are useful in the office environment (management)
* Literature: Creating our own sandbox, or a unique spin on an old idea, and player-plotting / collaborative writing
* Gender & Sexuality Studies: Straightforward (har) what we've researched, explored, and learned about ourselves and the world through RP
* Other: Open to suggestions!

So basically, if you were going to be assigned a book to read for class, what would you actually enjoy reading? Bonus question: which could you see yourself contributing a 5-25 page article to, for a nominal fee?

PLEASE DO SHARE THIS AROUND! I'm only screening anonymous comments, because I want to be able to hold serious conversations with people.

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