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Fru ([personal profile] frudence) wrote2010-12-05 02:54 pm

ES Gifts

All comments are screened. Comment here (or drop me a line on AIM/Plurk/e-mail/PMs to my LJ accounts) if you'd like one of the bags I'm making. They're getting "made to order" so if there's something you'd like to change, by all means let me know - I want you to be happy with them! If you don't want the lettering, or if you want a different color scheme... anything! The alternatives I've thought about as include:
- Woobiesphere (purples?)
- Edenswhat (pinks?)
- Hobosphere (browns?)
- Sphereferno (reds/oranges?)
- Emosphere (blues?)

Any of those other words will end up in a different font than 'Edensphere' unfortunately, but you can pick either 'normal' (like a Times New Roman kind of font) or 'script' (cursive handwriting). Once again the picture references are full-size and zoomed-in. The details of the bag are: 13" wide x 14.5" long and 100% cotton.

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