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RP Muse List

Active Games:
[ profile] edensphere
- Saiyuki: Sha Gojyo
"Smoke" [ profile] inthecenterfold
- Original: Lady Tsuri of Veluna
"Rauxes" [ profile] white_disciple
- One Piece: Nico Robin
"Void" [ profile] ichangedforgood
[ profile] guysandolls
- Saiyuki: Sha Gojyo
[ profile] inthecenterfold

Active Muses
Saiyuki (manga-verse, but also an anime) Original (from D&D's Greyhawk: RPGA)
Sha Gojyo [ profile] inthecenterfold
@[ profile] edensphere as "Smoke" (mem-loss!canon)
@[ profile] guysandolls (canon)
- playboy with a heart of gold straight from the streets
Lady Tsuri of Veluna [ profile] white_disciple
@[ profile] edensphere (mem-loss!canon)
- monk, paladin; young adventurer / world-traveler
NCIS (TV show, 8 seasons running) One Piece (anime-verse, but also a manga)
Abigail "Abby" Sciuto [ profile] letpeoplestare
- geeky gothy goofy gal with the gift of gab
- app written
Nico Robin [ profile] ichangedforgood
@[ profile] edensphere (mem-loss!canon)
- archaeologist and assassin
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (TV show) Kingdom Hearts (video games, w/ expanded universe manga)
Applejack [ profile] buckingpride
- hard worker, athletic, and awesome cook
A Numberless Replica / Repliku [ profile] boundbynaught
- headstrong, self-centered, barely-a-week-old replica
Bleach (manga-verse, but also anime) Mai-HiME (anime)
Ayasegawa Yumichika [ profile] yahesbornwithit
- a fabulous fighter from the 11th Division; "pretty, not girly"
- no app written; canon-reviewing & icon-making
Tokiha Takumi [ profile] manpursepillbox
- sickly little boy learning to love life
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors (anime with an AU for a dub *facepalm* +drama CDs) Ouran High School Host Club (anime-verse because I haven't read the manga yet)
Cye Mouri / Suiko no Shin [ profile] shounenphelps
- app written
Hitachiin Kaoru [ profile] poetryinfashion
- app written
Code Geass (anime) Weiss Kreuz (anime-verse because I haven't read the manga yet, +drama CDs)
Nunnally Lamperouge / Nunnally Vi Britannia [ profile] pinkyswearsis
- app written
Naoe Nagi [ profile] technokinetic
- app written
Persona 4 (JRPG, Playstation 2) Firefly/Serenity (TV series+Movie)
Teddie [ profile] bearsona4
- app written... it's long
Hoban "Wash" Washburne [ profile] serenitypilot
- half-written app
Inactive Muses
D.Gray-man (manga-verse, but also anime) Fullmetal Alchemist (anime-verse because I haven't read the manga yet)
Bookman [ profile] pandantiquarian
- app written
Riza Hawkeye [ profile] nominiskirt4me
- app written
The Last Unicorn (animated movie, but also book) Kyou Kara Maou (anime-verse because I haven't read the manga yet)
Schmendrick [ profile] rizards_wath
- app written
Yozak Grie [ profile] ispysoldier
- app written
  Shibuya Miko aka Hama no Jennifer [ profile] hamanojennifer
- app written
Maximum Ride (book, and comic) Yu Yu Hakusho (anime-verse, but also manga)
Gazzy/The Gasman [ profile] captainteror
- app written
Kuwabara Kazuma [ profile] kickasshonor
- app written (fff god, a long one)
Originals (old NPCs)
Twenty [ profile] shatterpieces
- an immortal with power over dreams and a helping of anger issues
Kagari [ profile] imurvixen
- a "denmother"; stronger and smarter than she lets on; not your stereotypical catgirl
Saiyuki (manga-verse, but also anime) Persona 4 (JRPG)
Kanzeon Bosatsu [personal profile] holy_androgyny
- no app written; canon-reviewing
<Icon-Hunting> Tatsumi Kanji [personal profile] 4getgendernorms
- taking notes during 2nd playthrough
Labyrinth (movie)    
Jareth, The Goblin King [ profile] labyrinth_lord
- no app written

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